Java Mobile Application - J2ME Developer Training

Java Micro Edition devices implement a profile. The most commonly used is the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) which is aimed at mobile devices, such as mobile phones, and the Personal Profile aimed at consumer products and embedded devices like set-top boxes and PDAs.

This Hands-On training course provides delegates with intensive practical tuition using Sun's J2ME. The topics covered will focus on the tools and environments which exist to help develop Java applications that run on mobile and wireless devices. Available as a public or closed course, can be tailored to your team's requirements and delivered onsite as a bespoke, customised training course.

This course has been developed for real-world, commercial scenarios by our expert instructors. See below for detailed syllabus.

Duration : 40 Hrs | 21 Days | 3 Weeks

Program Contents

J2ME components
  • KVM
  • CLDC
  • MIDP
Personal Java
  • Overview of profile system Architecture
  • J2ME language differences
  • Developing Midlets
  • Testing code
  • Comparison of different ME platforms
  • Differences between J2ME environments
MIDP 2.0
  • Mobile information device profile
  • Creating MIDP applications
  • Midlet suites
  • Midlet deployment
  • MIDP 2.0 GUI
  • Graphical User Interfaces with MIDP
  • Displays, Commands, Pointers, Screens
  • Animations and drawing
Threading and Synchronisation
  • Threading
  • Creating Threads in Java
  • Synchronisation
J2ME Capabilities
  • Streamed IO
  • Socket IO (TCP/IP)
  • J2ME IO
  • Networking with HTTP
  • Persisting data on portable devices - JSR 75
  • Connectivity
Network Interaction
  • SMS
  • Bluetooth
  • IrDA - Infrared Data Adapter
  • Networking
  • Push Registry
  • APIs
  • MMAPI - JSR 135
  • SIPAPI - JSR 180
  • Game API
Audience :
  • Students who want to use learn application development using Java Mobile API
  • Professionals who want to extend their applications and user interfaces to mobile devices
Pre-requisites :
  • Java Programming

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