Oracle Fusion Middleware

Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM, also known as Fusion Middleware) consists of several software products from Oracle Corporation. OFM spans multiple services, including Java EE and developer tools, integration services, business intelligence, collaboration, and content management. OFM depends on open standards such as BPEL, SOAP, XML and JMS.

Oracle Fusion Middleware provides software for the development, deployment, and management of service-oriented architecture (SOA). It includes what Oracle calls "hot-pluggable" architecture, designed to facilitate integration with existing applications and systems from other software vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, and SAP AG.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Components

Oracle Weblogic Server
Oracle WebLogic consists of a Java EE platform product-family that includes
  • Java EE application server, WebLogic Application Server
  • Enterprise portal, WebLogic Portal
  • Enterprise Application Integration platform
  • Transaction server and infrastructure, WebLogic Tuxedo
  • Telecommunication platform, WebLogic Communication Platform
  • HTTP web server

Oracle BI Publisher
Oracle XML Publisher (XMLP) is Oracle Corporation's latest reporting technology. It was originally developed to solve the reporting problems faced by Oracle Applications. It is integrated into most of Oracle Products and as a standalone version, XML Publisher Enterprise with no dependency on Oracle Applications. When XML Publisher became part of the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Suite it was re-branded as Oracle BI Publisher.

BI Publisher separates the creation of data from the process of formatting it for different uses. The engine can format any well-formed XML data, allowing integration with any system that can generate XML, including Web Services[4] or any data source available through JDBC. BI Publisher can merge multiple data sources into a single output document.

Oracle Beehive
Oracle Beehive is collaboration platform software developed by Oracle Corporation that combines email, team collaboration, instant messaging, and conferencing in a single solution. It can be deployed on premise as licensed software or as software as a service (SaaS)

  • IMAP and SMTP for email
  • Open Mobile Alliance DS and Push-IMAP for email over mobile devices
  • CalDAV for calendar scheduling management
  • XMPP for instant messaging and presence
  • WebDAV for file management
  • BPEL for automating business processes
  • LDAP for directory services
  • Java Management Extensions (JMX) for system management and monitoring

Oracle WebCenter
Oracle WebCenter is a product built on top of the JSF based Oracle Application Development Framework. It contains a set of components for building rich web applications, portals, and team collaboration/social sites. Oracle WebCenter is targeted at both the development community and business users, delivering a development environment that includes WebCenter Framework and WebCenter Services along with an out-of-the-box application for team collaboration and enterprise social networking.

WebCenter Services Capabilities
  • People Connection – Enables users to assemble their business networks like linked-in
  • People Connection – Enables users to assemble their business networks like linked-in
  • Instant Messaging and Presence (IMP) - Provides the ability to observe the online presence status of other authenticated users (whether online, offline, busy, or idle) and to contact them.
  • Documents - Provides content management and storage capabilities, including content upload, file and folder creation and management, file check out, versioning, and so on. This functionality requires licensing of a JCR (JSR-170) compliant document repository product.
  • Events -Provides group calendars, which users can use to schedule meetings, appointments, and any other type of team get-together. This feature requires deployment of a separate calendering server, which may be Oracle Beehive or Microsoft Exchange. (Available only in WebCenter Spaces)
  • Links - Provides the ability to view, access, and associate related information; for example, you can link to a solution document from a discussion thread.
  • Mail - Provides integration with IMAP and SMTP mail servers to enable users to perform simple mail functions such as viewing, reading, creating, and deleting messages, creating messages with attachments, and replying to or forwarding existing messages.
  • Notes - Provides the ability to "jot down" and retain quick bits of personally relevant information. (Available only in WebCenter Spaces)
  • Recent Activities - Provides a summary view of recent changes to documents, discussions, and announcements.

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