Oracle Database

Oracle Database delivers industry leading performance, scalability, security and reliability on a choice of clustered or single-servers running Windows, Linux, and UNIX. It provides comprehensive features to easily manage the most demanding transaction processing, business intelligence, and content management applications.

Whether you're a lone developer, a midsize business, or large corporate enterprise, there's an edition of the database to meet your business and technical requirements.

Editions of Oracle Database
  • Enterprise Edition
    Provides industry-leading performance, scalability, security, and reliability on a choice of clustered or single-servers with a wide range of options to meet user needs.

  • Standard Edition
    It is an affordable, full-featured database for servers with up to four sockets. It allows you to save money by buying only what you need today, and then scale out with Oracle Real Application Clusters as demand grows.

  • Standard Edition One
    Allows the same functionality as Standard edition with some limited features.

  • Express Edition
    It is an entry-level, small-footprint database that is free to develop, deploy, and distribute.

Features of Oracle Database

Active Data Guard
Enhances disaster protection investments by offloading resource intensive operations to a single physical standby database, enhancing overall quality of service.
  • Offload unpredictable workloads to an up-to-date replica of the production database
  • Eliminates management complexity that accompanies traditional replication solutions
  • The reporting replica is up to date and online at all times, which is not possible with traditional storage mirroring technology
  • An Oracle Active Data Guard physical standby database can also provide disaster recovery and/or serve as a test database—no additional storage or servers required

Total Recall
Provides secure, efficient, easy-to-use and application-transparent solution for long-term storage of historical data.

Oracle Total Recall works with Oracle Database 11g, Enterprise Edition to help companies store their data in secure, tamper-proof databases while keeping that information accessible to existing applications. It provides an efficient, easy-to-use, and application-transparent solution for the long-term storage and auditing of historical data.
  • Secure retention of historical data
  • Application independent
  • Easy access to historical data
  • Efficient and automatic storage of historical data
  • Enforces data retention policies
  • Data forensics and fraud detection
  • Information lifecycle management (ILM)
  • Efficient and automatic storage of historical data

Real Application Clusters
Run any packaged or custom application unchanged across multiple connected, or "clustered," servers.

Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) supports the transparent deployment of a single database across a cluster of servers, providing fault tolerance from hardware failures or planned outages. Available as an option with Oracle Database 11g, Oracle RAC is a key component of Oracle's private cloud architecture.
  • Server-pool managed service for automatic workload management
  • Runs any packaged or custom application unchanged
  • Virtualize single-instance databases with Oracle RAC One Node
  • Consolidate servers and reduce the costs associated with downtime

In-Memory Database Cache
Increases responsiveness and throughput by caching frequently used data in memory.

Oracle TimesTen can be configured to accelerate existing Oracle Database applications. When you need the power and functionality of the Oracle Database, but need even faster response times, Oracle In-Memory Database Cache has the speed. Automatic data synchronization between the cache and the Oracle Database ensures data consistency. By bringing data into the application tier and processing queries in an in-memory database, your applications are able to access, capture, or update information with much shorter response times.
  • Extremely fast response time
  • Compatible with Oracle Database
  • Automatic synchronization with Oracle Database
  • Works with existing applications

Database Vault
Oracle Database Vault, part of Oracle's comprehensive portfolio of database security solutions, helps organizations address regulatory mandates and increase the security of existing applications. With Oracle Database Vault, organizations can pro-actively safeguard application data stored in the Oracle database from being accessed by privileged database users. Application data can be further protected using Oracle Database Vault's multi-factor policies that control access based on built-in factors such as time of day, IP address, application name, and authentication method, preventing unauthorized ad-hoc access and application by-pass.
  • Pro-actively safeguard application data stored in the Oracle database
  • Address regulatory requirements
  • Restrict ad-hoc access to application data
  • Deploy with confidence

Data Encryption Toolkit
Transparent Data Encryption is one of the three components of the Oracle Advanced Security option for Oracle Database ; it provides transparent encryption of stored data to support your compliance efforts. Applications do not have to be modified and will continue to work seamlessly as before. Data is automatically encrypted when it is written to disk and automatically decrypted when accessed by the application. Key management is built-in, eliminating the complex task of creating, managing and securing encryption keys.
  • Compress and encrypt
  • Unified master encryption key
  • Hardware encryption support for Oracle Exadata
  • Automatic Wallet Management across RAC instances

Advanced Analytics
Oracle Advanced Analytics extends the Oracle database into a comprehensive advanced analytics platform through two major components: Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Mining. With Oracle Advanced Analytics, customers have a comprehensive platform for real-time analytics that delivers insight into key business subjects such as churn prediction, product recommendations, and fraud alerting.
  • Extends the database with the R programing language's library of statistical functionality, and pushes down computations to the database
  • Provides powerful data mining algorithms that run as native SQL functions for in-database model building and model deployment
  • Users can build, evaluate, share, and deploy predictive analytics methodologies, while also making high-performance Oracle-specific data mining algorithms accessible to R
  • Lowers overall TCO for data analysis by eliminating data movement and shortening the time it takes to transform "raw data" into "actionable information"Works with existing applications

Oracle Locator provides the features and mapping needed to location-enable many business applications. It's designed to meet the needs of advanced geographic information system (GIS) applications such as land management, utilities, and defense/homeland security. Oracle's open, native spatial format eliminates the cost of separate, proprietary systems, and is supported by all leading GIS vendors. Only Oracle delivers industry-leading security, performance, scalability, and manageability for mission-critical spatial information assets.
  • Save administration and infrastructure costs
  • Streamline business processes, improve quality and service
  • Provide enterprise-wide spatial access
  • Manage spatial information with maximum security, scalability, and performance

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