Appcelerator Mobile Platform

Appcelerator isn't a platform per se, it's more of a toolkit for helping web developers create native applications for the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry operating systems.

Appcelerator's Titanium platform has experienced terrific growth, with companies big and small turning to the platform as a way to cut down on development time, while still creating applications that are native, fast and intuitive.

What makes Appcelerator and other cross-platform toolkits important in the world of mobile application development is that they help break down some of the barriers to getting software created in the first place. iOS is one of the most commercially viable software platforms of the moment and tons of developers want to get started building apps. The problem is, if your background is in PHP and JavaScript, jumping into Objective-C and Cocoa might be a bit tough.

This isn't to say that learning more about the native OS platforms isn't a good idea — it is — but tools like Titanium can make that learning process less intimidating, while also making it easier to build apps in a language you know, and you can still gett the benefit of the native toolchains and UI kits.

As more and more devices hit the market, each with its own slight or major variation, the need for cross-platform development tools and platforms is only gong to increase. We think that Appcelerator is a great example of cross-platform development done right.

Some of the features of Appcelerator are briefed below.

Open Source
Available under the Apache 2 license, the Titanium Mobile SDK is freely available for you to explore and customize. Don't put your mobile future in the hands of proprietary software vendors.

Open Architecture
Harvest the collective intelligence and creativity of millions of developers and hundreds of ISVs and partners who extend the Titanium Platform through the Open Mobile Marketplace. From the next killer consumer app to mobilizing sensitive company information for employees, our extensible architecture opens the door to all possibilities.

Open Standards
The Titanium Mobile SDK leverages JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, which empowers the web skilled workforce to create native and mobile web applications using familiar languages.

Native Advantage
Everything else is basically a web page. There are lots of ways to build apps, especially on the iPhone and Android. You can build a JavaScript widget in the Safari browser. You can wrap Webkit, throw in a few API's to bridge the 'gap' between web and app, and lob it into the app store. But aside from learning Objective-C or Java, building native apps means doing everything native, not just pieces.

Integrated Analytics
A full suite of metrics to track every action, flow, timed event, or feature used. Runs out-of-the-box or customized to your unique events.

Online or On-device Data
Store and retrieve data via native support for an embedded SQLite database, SOAP / RESTful web services, or local filesystem.

Looks can be appealing
Titanium makes Vista apps look like Vista apps, XP apps like XP apps and Mac OS X apps fully native as well. Check out Titanium Developer to see native UI on each platform in action.

Best of the web meets best of the desktop
Imagine what your applications can achieve when they integrate Web-based features like search, flash video and microblogs with desktop advantages like data storage, improved performance and offline operation.

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