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Windows Phone is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, and is the successor to its Windows Mobile platform. Unlike its predecessor, it is primarily aimed at the consumer market rather than the enterprise market. With Windows Phone, Microsoft offers a new user interface with its design language, Metro, integrates the operating system with third party and other Microsoft services, and set minimum requirements to the hardware on which it runs.

Some of the features of Windows Phone are briefed below.

People Hub
Only Windows Phone has a People Hub with one-touch access to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so you'll always be in the loop. Skim the latest posts and pictures from your friends. Dial, text, or IM your contacts, one at a time or in groups. Or use the Me card to post your status, see who's writing on your Wall, or change your profile pictures, right from your phone.

Groups help you focus on the contacts that matter. Organize your favorite folks into Groups – family, friends from the neighborhood, soccer parents. Then you can email, text, or chat with a whole Group at once. Pin a Group to Start, and you'll see missed calls, new messages, and social networking updates from the Group members.

Got lots to say? Start with a text and finish up in Facebook or Messenger chat (or vice versa). With Threads, you can switch instantly between texting and IM within a single conversation. You can also send a text with just your voice—totally hands-free—or text and chat with multiple contacts in a single thread.

Email featuring Outlook Mobile
Stay on top of that torrent of email—with Outlook Mobile, you can view only unread, urgent, or flagged messages, or use conversation view to group messages by subject. If you've got a bunch of accounts, you can create linked inboxes to streamline things—like one for personal mail and one for work (the accounts stay separate). Then pin them to Start to keep tabs on the incoming mail.

Pictures Hub + Camera
Press the camera button to snap a quick pic, even when your phone is locked. Then share, tweet, text, or email it, all from one place. You can even tag a picture as you upload it to Facebook—your phone detects the faces automatically. The Pictures Hub houses your entire collection—including online albums—and even shows a feed of your friends' latest pics.

Start Screen + Live Tiles
The Live Tiles on Start show you what's happening with your apps, your upcoming appointments, your social networks, and more. Get a quick weather update, find out when someone likes your Facebook post, and see how many calls you missed during your afternoon run. You can pin more things to Start to keep them handy: apps, contact Groups, a mapped location, a song or album, your best snapshots, a webpage… too many to list here!

Games Hub featuring Xbox LIVE
Word games, strategy, action—there's a game for everyone in Marketplace. The Games Hub is your on-the-go arcade, where you can play solo or use the free Xbox LIVE service to match wits with friends wherever you are. You can even track your Gamerscore and dress up your avatar, right on your phone.

Office Hub
No more need to be chained to your desk—Windows Phone has mobile versions of Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint for working on the go. Start a Word doc or Excel workbook on your phone, then sync it to SkyDrive so you can write or edit some more on your computer later. And SharePoint Workspace Mobile makes it easier to collaborate with your coworkers when you're out and about.

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer Mobile puts the web in your pocket, harnessing the power of your phone's hardware for faster, smoother web browsing. Open multiple tabs, get search suggestions as you type in the address bar, and tap phone numbers and addresses on webpages to call or map them. Internet Explorer is social, too: with a few taps in the browser, you can share a web link to your social networks or via email.

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