Regression Testing

Regression testing is becoming a way of life for companies keen to keep their applications tuned to altering functional and technical requirements. They are seeking testing solutions that provide them with feedback which can be used to improve application performance and remove bottlenecks.

Business Challenges
Regression Testing practice is moving towards the principle of deriving 'more from less' – often faced with following botlenecks:
  • Achieving effective regression cycles without an escalation in costs
  • Absence of proven methods which help reduce maintenance costs and regression cycle time, while improving the quality of testing
  • Inability in determining the termination of testing and whether all risks have been addressed
  • Helplessness in accelerating the releases of systems under test

Our Solutions
Regression Testing Services at Providence are aimed at providing maximum test coverage with minimum number of test cases leading to minimal cost of appraisal and risk. This innovative approach enables us to identify impacted functionalities effectively, as the application progresses from one release to the next.

Highlights of our Regression Testing Services:

  • Combination of proprietary tools and accelerators with a rich set of techniques and practices to reduce the manual and automated test cycle time
  • A balanced trade-off between early 'live-launch' and 100% testing ensures significant savings in time and cost
  • Unique blend of best-in-class scientific methods and algorithms
  • Cost-benefit regression model to help QA teams strike a fine balance between test selection and fault detection
  • Prioritized testing in a manner that minimizes the risk of defect leakage to production
  • Clarity in determining when to stop testing; and help prioritize, optimize and sequence the regression test suite to ensure optimal coverage at minimal cost

Value For Clients
Business benefits to the clients include:

  • Risk-free regression testing at optimal cost
  • Precision in regression testing to facilitate maximum coverage through minimal number of test cases
  • Increased productivity and efficiency of Quality Assurance applications
  • Significantly reduced time-to-market

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