Performance Testing

Performance testing is a critical part of application testing services since it affects business revenue, credibility of the organization and customer satisfaction. Traditional performance testing approaches are reactive in nature - where applications are built first, and tested and tuned later.

Business Challenges
A structured approach by enterprises towards performance testing increases testing costs and prolongs the time-to-market while keping them on their toes for:
  • Consistent performance of the newly developed application in the production environment
  • Budgetary constraints
  • Exhaustive performance testing before live launch
  • Minimizing cost of testing
  • Testing unique application protocols that are not supported by standard tools
  • Limited time for testing

Our Solutions
Providence's Performance Testing and Validation Services blend performance testing and engineering techniques to enable business transformation of new and existing applications.

Highlights of our Performance Testing Services:

  • Predictive Performance Model helps predict performance in the production environment through performance testing in the test environment
  • Providence's Performance Test Framework delivers processes, in-house tools, accelerators and solutions
  • In-depth expertise and experience in a wide range of technologies, platforms, tools and business domains
  • A comprehensive, proactive, repeatable performance framework consisting of in-house tools, solutions and accelerators.
  • Providence's Predictive Performance Model predicts application performance before deployment into production, and performs what-if analysis of potential hardware configuration
  • Reduces the cost of licenses through our alliances

Value For Clients
Business benefits to the clients include:

  • Increased prediction accuracy
  • Cost reduction in rectifying defects
  • Improved modeling, sizing and capacity planning of the system
  • Early visibility into performance issues
  • Reduced time-to-market through accelerator solutions and 'extended work day'
  • Reduction in ongoing cost of performance testing
  • Improved Quality of Service and increased the confidence in live-launch
  • Increased testing effectiveness
  • Reduced dependence on interfacing systems
  • Accelerated testing turnaround time

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