SOA Design and Delivery

For businesses and government agencies around the world, service-oriented architecture (SOA) increasingly lies at the core of efforts to transform business processes and their enabling IT operations to achieve efficiencies.

Providence leverages its experience in business transformation and technology to deliver a series of technical architectures, frameworks, solutions, tools and methods designed to help clients on their journey toward SOA. These have all been specifically developed to answer the critical questions that clients are asking about SOA. In turn, they are grouped together to form major offerings that give clients solutions to broader issues.

Our Services
We help organizations design, develop, test and deploy services to realize a Service-Oriented Architecture. Our service enables organizations to modernize their IT infrastructure by leveraging existing investments.
  • Developing a strategy, road map and business case for legacy modernization
  • Defining the future state architecture
  • Analyzing legacy assets and enabling them for SOA
  • Building technology proofs of concept
  • End-to-end legacy migration
  • Analyzing, designing, developing and testing services
  • Deploying, monitoring and supporting services
  • Benchmarking, analyzing performance/scalability, deploying infrastructure

Key Diffentiators
No matter whether your organization is just beginning with SOA or already has advanced SOA practices and infrastructure in place or needs to identify the next step — Providence offers the right strategic approach, breadth of skills, industry knowledge and project experience to help organizations more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively deliver and capitalize on SOA.

Providence supports solution planning, architecture and delivery capabilities, reducing delivery costs and improving delivery quality and consistency.
  • Rich SOA project experience
  • A vendor-neutral perspective combined with sound business advice, industry knowledge and technology acumen.
  • Extensive industry and business process knowledge together with its ability to craft solutions that enable high performance.
  • Leading-edge architects to help ensure that SOA delivers rich, robust and extendable solutions.
  • SOA accelerators to help clients adopt required reference and delivery architectures, delivery methods.
  • Pre-built, industrialized solution frameworks that are secure and highly repeatable.

Value for Clients
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural strategy that helps achieve tighter business-IT alignment. SOA provides agility - a crucial requirement for sustained business competitiveness - to enterprises by creating flexible business processes and offering practical and cost-effective means of integration. It uses standards-based interfaces to facilitate needs-based access to IT resources spread over an enterprise network.
  • Providence uses a set of proven, structured application frameworks and reusable components that span a range of needs.
  • We provide a robust platform for Net-centric solutions, overcoming the limitations imposed by diverse platform standards, vendor offerings and client expectations.
  • Our solutions address the complete SOA lifecycle.
  • An improved foundation for delivering the full lifecycle of service-based solutions once the deployment of SOA capabilities picks up steam
  • We help clients assess, select and prove the enabling technology required for SOA adoption
  • For organizations moving toward full maturity in industrializing SOA environments, Providence can help design and develop the factory model, skills, staff and approach that will accelerate delivery, improve overall quality and drive down costs.
  • Providence eases the IT operations transition from supporting an application-centric environment to service-centric environment. Organizations are helped to maintain a stable production environment and efficient operations while meeting required service levels.
  • Providence addresses organizations' concerns ranging from evaluation of current staus quo and potential impact of SOA, to how to prioritize and design an SOA implementation that minimizes negative effects on the business, to how to architect the business processes in order to take full advantage of SOA's potential to streamline and industrialize the way the organization works.

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