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CIOs and their organizations are at the center of conflicting forces: pressure on IT costs, acceleration of business transformation, IT consumerization, stronger service levels (24x7) and remarkable technological innovation.

At the same time new delivery models based on resources "as a service" offer alternatives to the traditional "make or buy" sourcing strategy which IT departments have recently learned to master.

CIOs now have to develop and implement IT operating models and sourcing strategies that allow them to meet these challenges.

Business Challenges
We believe there are five imperatives for organizations in these exciting but challenging times:

  • Deliver more value at greater speed and lower cost
  • Support anytime, anywhere computing on any device
  • Sustain effective collaboration within a distributed workforce
  • Make systems available at all times to accommodate global markets
  • Capitalize on "big data" to fuel product and service innovations

Our Solutions
Organizations continually strive to find new avenues to create and maintain competitive differentiation. In many scenarios, technology plays a significant role. To succeed, organizations need to manage multiple programs simultaneously. These programs often create changes in operating models, business processes, services / product portfolios, target markets and IT systems. Consequently, these strategic change programs require a high degree of expertise and diligent coordination to deliver the expected business benefits.

Our services provide following results:

  • Simplification of the existing IT landscape
  • Business Innovation through the use of emerging technologies
  • Lean methodology to bring continuous improvements in service delivery quality and costs
  • Reliable IT governance
  • Simplifying the size and complexity of IT systems portfolios
  • Developing best practices around IT portfolio management – knowing what you have, where to invest and what to retire
  • Understanding and analyzing future business scenarios to assess their impact on IT systems and plan to manage the impact smoothly

Value For Clients
We partner with you in your business transformation journey to help you migrate, re-architect and re-engineer your IT assets. Our solutions deliver the maximum return on your IT investments through the following:

  • Improved IT asset productivity
  • Optimized cost savings, releasing funds for strategic investments
  • Enhanced Business-IT alignment
  • Streamlined IT systems portfolio, which is capable of responding to the dynamically changing business needs
  • Innovation, collaboration and better communication within your organization and business partners
  • Improved decision making with seamless information flow across business units
  • Efficient adoption of service orientation and shared services models

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