Information Management Services

Information Management has become essential for businesses to enable the seamless flow of information, enhance business agility and increase their competitive advantage.

Business Challenges
The key issues making information management imperative:

  • Wide range of data sources leading to highly complex enterprise data structures
  • Adoption of new technology platforms creating data migration challenges
  • Lack of consolidated enterprise-wide information to support effective decision-making
  • Lack of information exchange across business units leading to incomplete customer and business information
  • Disparate data across multiple applications and databases
  • Greater regulatory requirements calling for more detailed, complete and timely information

Our Solutions
We offer custom designed Information Management solutions to help you manage and integrate data across your organization, making it ubiquitously available, accurate, complete and secure.

Highlights of our Information Management Services:

  • Enterprise information governance-centric approach enabling defined ownership, control and compliance management
  • Big picture view of transformation programs to ensure actual enterprise information rationalization
  • Idendifications of redundancies and complexities within your enterprise
  • Assessment of business value of your information architectures.
  • Continuous balancing of the tactical and strategic requirements to maintain the alignment of the IM programs with your evolving business needs and goals.

We partner with you across the entire lifecycle by using our expertise in data migration, data governance, data quality, metadata management, Master Data Management, Customer Data Integration, Product Information Management, Business Intelligence, data warehousing and predictive analytics

Value For Clients
Our custom tailored approach will help you with the following:

  • Higher adherence to regulatory compliances and operational standards
  • Improved control across the value chain with the maintenance of a single version of facts and figureson Management, Business Intelligence, data warehousing and predictive analytics.
  • Reduced operational costs with better internal collaboration between you and your business partners through a single information repository
  • Increased revenues with improved channel management and higher customer interactions

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