Business Process Management

Businesses and governments are evolving their operations to accommodate an increasingly complex, volatile and interconnected global marketplace. Providence's unique combination of skills, approaches, assets and tools help develop and operate scalable, efficient and agile business processes to deliver immediate and long-lasting value.

What is BPM - Business Process Management
Business process management (BPM) is a way to improve visibility into the business and provide companies with the tools and skills to respond quickly to marketplace developments. BPM can help them understand more clearly how well their key business processes are functioning—and where these processes can be streamlined and strengthened. It is thus becoming a vital lever of high performance in a business environment that is increasingly turbulent and competitive.

A key element of BPM is BPM automation, which enables a company to automate the business processes it has just optimized. BPM Automation can also set the foundation for a new and powerful approach to application development. This approach places the programming logic in data rather than in code, with development being done visually rather than textually. It also allows developers to make use of drag-and-drop functionality, thus improving productivity. The result: more robust applications, improved efficiency and increased speed and agility.

Business Challenges
At strategic level there is a need to deliver a technology platform for the business community to "Manage by Business Processes and not just by Business Transactions". To this effect, an innovative blend of Business Process Management and Service-Oriented Architecture needs to be employed to deliver a network of distributed business services as engineered capabilities that can be linked together dynamically to deploy an end-to-end visible business, thereby attracting early benefits out of emerging market opportunities.

Major market drivers / key trends:

  • Business and IT synergy
  • Operational excellence
  • Differentiating customer experience
  • Knowledge retention and growth
  • Ability to take decision on the fly
  • Performance driven corporate culture
  • Regulatory compliance

Economic volatility, increasing globalization, rising complexity and growing interconnectivity have forced businesses to make major changes to their operations in recent years.

Our Solutions
Advances in technology such as cloud computing, service-oriented architecture and software-as-a-service are creating more flexible, configured application environments that can deliver tremendous value if used properly. To address these challenges, companies in all industries and geographies are focusing more attention and resources on business process management (BPM).

Our end-to-end Business Process Management (BPM) approach treats processes as assets that directly contribute to your business value and performance.

  • Value and Performance Management to define goals and evaluate progress
  • Business Objective/Purpose Definition
  • Accelerated Business Analysis to optimize BPM delivery with pre-defined sector solutions and reference models
  • Usability Evaluation
  • End-to-end BPM Governance that promotes process ownership and provides supporting structures to sustain BPM excellence

We help you create a flexible business process platform, tailored to your enterprise.

Value For Clients
Few highlights of our services:

  • Quickly automate business processes across your extended organization
  • Analyze improvements and continuously fine-tune them based on real-time, actual experiences.
  • Adapt existing business processes to changing market conditions
  • Build efficient systems and processes from the ground up
  • Cost and time savings leading to rapid gains in employee productivity and corporate performance
  • Reduced processing time, enhanced accuracy and increased flexibility that improve customer service, satisfaction and retention.
  • Automated, standardized processes that result in greater business agility and flexibility.
  • Deploy our people, processes and tools to gain control of your business processes, quickly and cost effectively.

Our approach enables organizations to improve efficiency of core processes in their value chain. Our solutions cover the complete lifecycle of process management. Our engagements address specific BPM needs by using a variety of frameworks, accelerators and pre-defined solutions.

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