Application Management & Support

Next generation companies require their business applications to be managed 24x7 and remain secure, reliable and maintainable. They need solutions that can help them ensure high availability and performance of their applications and monitor their various components and troubleshoot production issues.

Business Challenges
Application Management issues bringing headaches to companies:

  • Reliable operation and secure control of hundreds of applications
  • Multiple applications and platforms to manage
  • Escalating operating expenses

Our Solutions
Companies rely on IT not only to reduce costs, but to add value to their business. Providence is a distinguished provider of application management services. We can help you identify and implement necessary changes to ensure a cost-effective, efficient and innovative IT estate.

Highlights of our Application Management offering:

  • Integrated Service Management, ranging from strategy and operation to continual improvement
  • A strong governance model, establishing processes, organizational structures, and decision-making mechanisms to enable effective implementation of your IT strategy
  • A world-class transition model, ensuring service continuity and minimum impact on your business

Value For Clients
Our collaborative approach to engagements brings measurable benefits to the clients:

  • Reduced system downtime
  • Enhanced performance
  • Increased freedom to concentrate on strategic initiatives.
  • Ensure base understanding of the domain, application and environment.
  • Ensure continuous productivity improvement to generate higher ROI.
  • Have the proven transition processes to ensure smooth knowledge transition.

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