Life and Culture at Providence

At Providence we play as hard as we work. Our offices are constantly teeming with every activity you can imagine in a fast-paced technology company like ours.

Developers, consultants, sales people, accountants, human resource and support professionals, product managers, and writers - you name it - all working together to extend client satisfaction, best practices, industry benchmarks and technology barriers.

But don't let that throw you off. It is all about teamwork and loving what you do. While the quality of our work is paramount, we also value social interaction and activities that encourage people to work together and contribute to the team. We put the same passion into our fun and communities as we do our work. Working at Providence, you have the opportunity to experience our teamwork in your choice of sports and outdoor activities.

As we rapidly grow, we appreciate our success but also give back to the community and the planet with volunteer programs and a green attitude. Whether it's raising money to build a new school in a rural area so children would have their own opportunities to learn and grow, or supporting community efforts, or donations to other worthy causes, Providence and our employees believe in doing good things.

When you step into our offices, you immediately notice the friendly, laid-back environment. But look closely and you will feel the innovation, winning attitude, and commitment to operational execution for our customers, shareholders, and each other led by these core values:

  • Quality - Focus on excellence. Deliver lasting value. In all actions. Everywhere. All the time.
  • Integrity - Do what is right. Communicate honestly at every step. Complete all commitments.
  • Passion - Cultivate a passion for knowledge. Knowledge nurtures imagination and creativity.
  • Humanity - Interact ethically and collaboratively. Business is a shared challenge.
  • Humanity - Interact ethically and collaboratively. Business is a shared challenge.
  • Innovation - Constantly challenge yourself. Find ways to create more value for our customers and our company.

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