Providence strives to offer a diverse array of benefits to our employees so you can choose the options that best meet the needs of you and your family. Here is an overview of the core benefits we have available today. And if you join our team, you won't have to wait long to participate. You are eligible for most benefits on day one.

Time Away to Recharge and Play
Everyone needs time away to relax and recharge the batteries. To help with this, Providence provides all new employees with three weeks vacation. Some International locations get even more. We also throw in four floating holidays per year. Of course, the longer you are here, the more vacation time you get. And let's not forget about the paid holidays. We offer nearly a dozen paid holidays depending on the country in which you work.

Work-Life Balance
We work hard here at Providence to remain among leaders in the technology arena. That said, we respect that our employees have a life outside the office, and that not everyone balances these needs in the same way. What works for one may not work as well for another. So we offer flexible schedules, flexible time off, and telecommuting options to help you meet the various obligations in your life. We also promote company-sponsored events throughout the year.

Employee Referral Program
We encourage our employees to help build our company and position us for ongoing success through the referral of qualified candidates for available positions. It's no secret that employees will typically only refer the best candidates, so we will gladly pay a cash award for any referrals that we hire. We love paying referral awards for top talent!

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